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Area IT Manager

East Africa

We are looking for an Area IT Manager to supervise our IT services across a number of programmes. 

The post holder will manage the IT services, ensuring that work complies with agreed priorities, policies, standards and procedures whilst providing hands-on support when required. In addition, they will manage the IT resources, including assisting with the preparation of budgets and assessing the cost effectiveness of hardware and software purchases. 

They will also be required to propose projects and work on projects assigned by the IT Management Team. 

Education Support & Child Safety Officer


With over 300 children of our international staff families, we are now looking to recruit an Education Support and Child Safety Officer, based in Australasia.


The role will require the job holder to support families by providing advice and assistance on all educational matters and oversee child safety matters including policy setting and standards, training, and support to programmes.


The post holder will be required to support families during significant times of transition. 

Head of Finance

Papua New Guinea

A Head of Finance is sought to monitor and protect the financial and legal health of Papua New Guinea Operations. This will include reporting to the local Board of Directors, responsibility for all tax and legal matters, internal management accounting and external financial reporting. 

Other duties will include providing financial feedback to the Programme Manager, preparing the programme's annual financial plan, acting as Company Secretary for Papua New Guinea Operations, line managing the Finance Manager and providing oversight of their professional development. 

Senior Technician, Papua New Guinea Tech Services (CRMF)

Papua New Guinea 

We are looking for a Senior Technician to take on responsibility for the effective repair, maintenance and construction of all types of electronic equipment. 

Participation in the instruction and supervision of trainees is an important part of this position as is the training of Papua New Guinean nationals, CRMF staff and representatives from national church groups, missions and students from colleges. 

Technology Services Manager

Arnhem Land, Australia

MAF Arnhem Land is seeking a person with a passion for technology, missions and a desire to see the MAF's purpose fulfilled. 

The post holder will research technology ministry needs in remote Arnhem Land communities, plan and implement new initiatives while at the same time establish and maintain relationships with local Yolngu people and partner organisations.


They will plan and implement programme projects and maintain a high level of customer service and support. 

Building Maintenance Manager

Arnhem Land, Australia

A Building Maintenance Manager is sought to oversee and manage the building maintenance department and ensure effective maintenance of all MAF owned and occupied houses and bases. 

The role requires the role holder to coordinate property maintenance, manage maintenance personnel, contractors and volunteers as well as supervise the erection of new buildings where requested. Managing budgets, resources and ensuring good communication flow is essential for this role. 

Building Maintenance Tradesperson

Arnhem Land, Australia

MAF Arnhem Land is looking for a tradesperson to join our maintenance team in Arnhem Land. 

We require a versatile maintenance person with relevant experience in building, plumbing, painting or electrical work. Someone who is able to undertake general maintenance work and project manage renovations using contractors on our 25 houses and two hangers. 

Building Maintenance & Projects Manager

Papua New Gunea

A Building Maintenance and Projects Manager is required to effectively manage the nationwide MAF Papua New Guinea Building Maintenance Program, ongoing and future construction projects and vehicle fleet. 

Duties will include providing effective leadership, ensuring that tradesmen are adequately trained, managing contracts with local suppliers, preparing property budgets, arranging building plans and ensuring all work complies with appropriate regulations. 

Building Maintenance & Projects Assistant

Papua New Gunea

A Building Maintenance and Projects Assistant is required to effectively assist in managing the building maintenance program, construction projects and vehicle fleet.


The post holder will also cover for the Building Maintenance and Projects Manager during absences. 

They will be required to assist in providing effective training and advise in the area of construction and maintenance. They will also assist with preparation of the Property and Vehicle Department budget and ensure all work complies with appropriate regulations and MAF safety policies. 

Maintenance Support Specialist – Piston Aircraft

Mareeba, Australia

The Maintenance Support Specialist- PA, is a member of the Aviation Department (AD) Maintenance Support Division.


The jobholder will be responsible for, in consultation with other AD staff members and programme staff, the development and production of MAF’s piston aircraft airworthiness standards and maintenance procedures, as part of the Aviation Departments’ centralised support service to the programmes. 


Other duties will include developing a daily inspection programme for maintenance documentation, researching aircraft reliability statistics, monitoring fleet equipment updates and providing technical assistance to programmes as and when required. 


Hospitality and Transit Accomodation Coordinator

Papua New Gunea

The job holder will manage the MAF Papua New Guinea hospitality and transit accommodation in order to support he work of MAF in Papua New Guinea. They ill ensure that is is operated viably and in accordance with the objectives and guidelines established. The job holder will also provide accomodation and hospitality for MAF staff and visitors. 

Other duties will include handling the day-to-day paperwork, managing the staff roster, monitoring wages, ensuring accommodation is clean and overseeing repairs and maintenance of buildings and equipment.  

Ground Operations Manager

South Sudan

The person recruited for this role will be accountable to the Operations Manager and will be responsible for managing the ground operations teams to ensure efficient and effective operational task delivery. 

Duties will include ensuring that ground operations staff are trained and equipped to conduct all relevant operations, organising, communicating and monitoring the ground operations team's daily work, ensure the team comply with all policies and procedures (particularly Safety and Security) and maintain high standards of delivery and customer service at all times. They will be requires to undertake regular team meetings, conduct performance reviews of the ground operations team and liaise with the relevant internal or external departments or organisations to ensure efficient and effective task delivery. 

Management Accountant

South Sudan

The Management Accountant will assist the South Sudan management team in their decision making through the provision of monthly management accounts and additional financial analysis. They will work with the finance team to improve on the timeliness and accuracy of the internal reports and will also be the focal point for both external and internal audits. 

In the absence of the South Sudan Finance Manager, the Management Accountant will cover the day to day responsibilities of the South Sudan Finance Manager and oversee the finance department. 

This role is ideal for a qualified and experienced finance professional who would like to gain more experience working in a challenging cross-cultural environment with potential career growth. 

Aircraft Engineer - Training Specialist


The Aircraft Engineer-Training Specialist will develop and train local aviation maintenance staff in order to improve technical skill and knowledge across the maintenance team. They will also facilitate those eligible to become licensed engineers and mentor senior staff members in their roles. They will identify areas of training, develop and carry out suitable training programmes and identify, schedule, and implement external training courses. 

Other duties include assisting the Chief Engineer on single turbine engine aircraft as part of the overall maintenance operation, participating in the Safety Action Group and encouraging a proactive and positive safety culture. 

Quality, Safety & Security Manager

Arnhem Land, Australia

The Quality, Safety and Security Manager will be responsible for maintaining the Quality and Safety Management System (QMS) and ensuring the effective running of the Quality and Safety Management Systems within the Arnhem Land Programme. 

They will also assist the MAF International Security Manager by carrying out Aviation Security Training, managing the local Aviation Security Program and being the local representative for the Drug and Alcohol Management Programme. The role may involve leading a small team of part time quality and safety officers or representatives. 

Area Director of Maintenance 


Based in Nairobi, the Area Director of Maintenance will ensure that MAF's flight operations in Kenya, South Sudan and Tanzania operate with airworthy aircraft and all that all scheduled aircraft maintenance is accomplished within allowable timeframes and that any defects are rectified correctly. 

Due to the nature of the setup of the operations, with the largest part of the aircraft fleet operating in South Sudan, close and immediate liaison with the South Sudan programme is essential to be effective in this role. 

Deputy Director of Maintenance 

South Sudan

Based in Juba, South Sudan and accountable to the Director of Maintenance based in Kenya, the post-holder will ensure the airworthiness and serviceability of aircraft based in South Sudan. They will ensure all required maintenance, mandatory modifications and Airworthiness Directives are accomplished in a timely manner; that all defect rectification is carried out or deferred appropriately, and that a Certificate of Release to Service is issued after inspection. 

In addition, they will manage the efficient and effective use of resources, such as arranging cost effective contracts for the accomplishment of required maintenance activities, recommending changes to documented processes and procedures and maintaining optimum coordination between the maintenance service provider and the Flight Operations department in Juba. 

Finance Manager

Arnhem Land, Australia

The Arnhem Land Programme is looking to recruit a Finance Manager to monitor and protect the financial and legal health of the programme. 

In consultation with the Cairns Support Office, duties will include preparing financial budgets and monthly reports, overseeing the financial management of the programme, and maintaining accounting software and systems. 

Deputy Programme Manager

Various Locations

The post holder will act as a deputy for the Programme Manager during his absence and represent the Programme Manager at key meetings as necessary. 

In addition, they will ensure all operational activities in the programme are carried out within the approved annual budget by monitoring internal control systems and taking corrective action where necessary. They will also ensure that all operational activities of the programme are well coordinated by managing the heads of other departments within the programme. 

The post holder should have previous management experience ideally in an aviation or cross-cultural environment and excellent communication & interpersonal skills. 

Operations Director

Kenya/South Sudan

This person will be the Flight Operations nominated post holder for the AOC held by MAF Kenya and will be responsible for overseeing and managing the operations department as well as the KCAA interface and liaison for the AOC. There is scope for this position to be based either in Juba or Nairobi. 

The job holder will be required to ensure the safe and efficient organisation and scheduling of all flight operations to ensure that they comply with applicable standards, legislation and safety policies; and to manage the performance and development of the pilots, flight and ground operations and logistics staff and to develop partnerships with service providers and customers. 

Deputy Operations Manager

South Sudan

The Deputy Operations Manager role will be to manage and exercise oversight of the operations/ground operations teams within the guidelines of the operations manager. 

We require the job holder to be a strong role model for operations team members, providing encouragement, motivation and development plans and acting on behalf of the manager during leave, etc. 

There will be a requirement for the job holder to support the overall management in relation to training, monitoring of staff attendance, absence and leave and ensuring high level of standards at all times and policies and procedures are followed. 

This person will also provide an effective flight service so that every flight is monitored and appropriate emergency action is taken if required. Ensure MAF regulatory requirements are met in order to generate, retain and communicate with Partners. Oversee an effective system of flight reservations scheduling, invoicing and ensuring timely communication with partners. 

Senior Flight Instructor

Mareeba, Australia

The Mareeba Flight Training Centre is looking for a Senior Flight instructor to provide quality theory and practical ab-initio flight training to trainee pilots. 

Responsibilities will include delivering approved quality training, monitoring trainee progress, managing administrative tasks in a timely manner, participate in providing a supportive learning culture incorporating trainee centred learning techniques and promoting an active safety culture. 

Executive Assistant to the Country Director

Papua New Guinea

We are looking for an experienced Executive Assistant to join the PNG Programme. Working at a high level you will have the authority to help manage and represent the needs and interests relating to the activities of the Country Director. 

The EA will assist the Country Director in the day to day administrative tasks of the organisation, including management of diaries, events and meetings, taking minutes and managing the action streams. 

Other duties will include liaising with government ministers, departments and other organisations, taking minutes, preparing documents, reports and spreadsheets and conducting research. 

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Training Officer

Papua New Guinea

The Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Training Officer’s role is to supply appropriate training to un-licensed engineers to enable them to become licensed engineers and develop into senior staff members. 

The role holder will liaise with engineering managers to identify areas of training needs, identify external training courses, develop and carry out training programs to assist with preparation for exams and assist with annual training budgets. 

Corporate Services Manager, Papua New Guinea Tech Services (CRMF) 

Papua New Guinea

PNG Tech Services (CRMF) is looking for an experienced administrator to assist the General Manager with the day to day running of the CRMF facility through administrative support and financial oversight.


The Corporate Services Manager will provide support with planning, direction, and coordination of PNG Tech Services accounting and financial control.


This role will also provide oversight of accounts, financial reports, records, HR functions, and general office management, including supervision of office staff and procedures. 

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